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Game Genre

Simulation, strategy, family

2022 NOV - Current
Project Type

Personal Project
About Game

Young parents! They are generation Z.
They grown up with computer, mobile phone, and social media. Did you ever think how their children will be? How’ll be like Gen Z parents rasing the Gen Alpha babies?

Yes! This game is about the modern family life simulation! This is two players multi game. Find a person who can play with you. It can be your lovers, friends and even your parents. Raised a kid together and find out the best way for your Gen Alpha kids!

Game Engine : Unity

Other Programs : Photoshop, Maya, Illustrator, After Effects


Team Member

Ina Joe(me) - Game Developer

      Current Dev Status : 👨‍🍼

Four levels (phases)

1) Infant/Baby
2) Children
3) Teen
4) College

Each of the level will have different events and diffculty.
Currently, we are developing Infact level.

     Dev process video


               Nov 2022

               Dec 2022

               Jan - Feb 2023

              Mar 2023

              Fixed bugs and add Money System.


              Adding Diaper System and chatting/voting system. 


Nov - Programming (Phtoton Setup & Player Controller & Baby Status)
Dec - Art (Draw illustrations and import to the Unity), Add house dirteness and cleaning system

Jan - Programming (Working system & Money system)

      Sample Art

Character Design


Sample Art