This is   The Boy︎ 🎠


The boy is an animation of public service announcement about Autism. 

2018 Fall
Project Type

School Project

This project made by cell animation and after effect animation.

Adobe Photoshop,  Adobe After Effects

This is a story of a boy who is very sensitive to lights and sounds so he built secret hiding places where nothing could get in. The boy didn’t like looking people in the eye and made him feel uncomfortable.

 One day he found out he has something called autism. His family got him help and slowly he learned how to live with it better

      Storyboard 👇🏻


While I was animating The Boy, I realized that there are many people who have autism feel depressed and ashamed about themselves because of commercials that are showing Autism negatively. Unfortunately, the audio that I have is also treated autism as a  negatively and I didn’t have enough time to find new audio for new animation.

To solve this issue, I used bright and vibrant colors that can symbolize Autism as a unique talent, not a disorder. In the ending part, the scene of colors that goes into the child’s body represent how much the autism children have potential talent.

      Visual Process 👇🏻