This is  Third Brain︎ 
You can play Third Brain  here 🧠
      Third Brain Trailer 👇🏻

Game Genre

Anti Puzzle

2021 Fall - 2022 Spring
Project Type

School Project

Third Semester - Fourth Semester
Thesis 1 - Thesis 2

Third Brain is a first-person ‘anti-puzzle’ game about breaking free from the game system.

If you don’t want to do all the boring tasks that the game asks you to do, then it’s time to break the game!

Game Engine : Unity

Other Programs : Photoshop, Maya, Illustrator, After Effects

Team Member

Ina Joe(me) - Game Developer

Game Design, Programming, Level Design, Story,
Art (Art Direction, 3D, Animation, Motion Design)

Hawon Lee - Graphic Designer

Logo Design, Graphic Design

Jae Seo - Music Composer, Sound Designer

Sound Effect, Music compose

      Game Play Video 👇🏻